New to Store: Seidio Innocell 4800mAh Extended Battery w/ NFC for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Finally there’s an extended battery for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that gives power-hungry users the boost they need to make it through the busiest of workdays. Seidio’s 4800mAh Extended Battery is a beast, and proves that it does what it’s designed to do: keep your Note 3 alive.

galaxy-note-3-extended-batterySeidio has a reputation for manufacturing quality extended batteries for many mobile devices; ones that can be extended, that is. (We’re looking at you, HTC). And now that we have this chunky 4800mAh cell for the Galaxy Note 3, we can see nothing has changed in terms of reliability.

This particular extended battery includes a replacement battery door that you swap out with your original stock one. Pretty typical with a cell of this capacity. You can pick it up in either black or white, depending on what color your Note 3 wears. The door itself is glossy, so there’s no texture to it. With the battery and door installed you’re looking at total thickness of approximately a half inch. Not bad, right?

An added bonus is that it’s NFC-enabled. So, nothing will stop you from interacting with other NFC devices when necessary. This 4800mAh battery will provide you with about 50% more life than your original OEM model. Considering the stock battery packs 3200mAh, that’s quite a difference in overall power.galaxy-note-3-extended-battery2

The battery is a 3.8V Li-ion Japanese cell designed specifically for the Galaxy Note 3 and is charged most efficiently using a rapid USB 3.0 cable or wall charger. We wouldn’t advise attempting to use it with any OEM battery chargers, either.

If you’re an avid traveler or just have a knack for draining the life of your Galaxy Note 3, grab one of these 4800mAh Innocell batteries to prolong your Android experience!

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