Smart Investments: Backup Batteries for Motorola Moto X

It’s vitally important to keep your Motorola Moto X powered up throughout the day, and sometimes your stock battery just doesn’t cut it. Thankfully, here at, we have a great selection of backup batteries for the Moto X that will give you the extra life you need when those situations arise that would normally leave you with a dead device.

moto-x-p893-backup-batteryMotorola P893 Universal Power Pack for Motorola Moto X

This compact backup battery packs 1860mAh of power when fully charged and can even provide power to two devices simultaneously. It doesn’t look like much, compared to others of its kind, but if you’re looking for a low-profile unit that you can easily slip in your pocket or purse, the P893 is a great choice.

A convenient feature is its ability to shut off after each device has been fully charged, preventing overcharging and draining the backup battery itself!

Seidio Charging Vault Kit for Motorola Moto Xmoto-x-charging-vault

The Charging Vault Kit from Seidio is designed to be plugged into a standard wall outlet to give it all the juice it needs. When you’re ready to bring it with you on your trip, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your Motorola Moto X won’t be left dead in the water. (So to speak)

Featuring a 2200mAh internal battery, the Charging Vault can charge multiple devices at once while plugged in and sports blue LED lights on top that show your charging level at all times. It also has two USB ports on the sides for any style charging cable and even includes an auto-shut off function that prevents overcharging.

moto-x-tylt-powerplantTYLT POWERPLANT Portable Battery Pack for Motorola Moto X

Perhaps the most attractive of backup batteries is TYLT’s POWERPLANT. Using its hefty 5200mAh internal cell you can provide two full charges to one device, or one complete charge to two different devices, simultaneously. Now that’s serious backup power!

The POWERPLANT’s 2.1A circuit rapidly provides energy to your Motorola Moto X, faster that most traditional chargers. The built-in flex arm is great for charging on the go and the LED indicator lights will always let you know the status of your charge. When it’s done doing its job, the unit will shut off immediately to conserve its power. And, just for bragging rights, the POWERPLANT can retain a single charge for up to a whole year!


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Final Thoughts

Pick out your favorite of the bunch to take with you on your next outing. Having a backup battery on hand for your Motorola Moto X is a precautionary measure, but a smart one. You never want to be caught in a situation that requires your phone, only to find out its battery has bit the dust. Stay prepared!