Chargers and Cables for Motorola Moto X

Looking for a quality Moto X wall charger for the office or at home? Maybe you need an efficient car charger that will provide quick power as you get from here to there. Whatever your power necessity may be, there’s the perfect solution for you here at

moto-x-griffin-powerdockGriffin Technology PowerDock for Motorola Moto X

This custom Moto X charging dock is actually a brand-new addition to the store and it provides the basic functions you’d expect out of any standard cradle.

Included with the Griffin PowerDock is the dock itself, which features a micro-USB plug that your Moto X sits into, and on the back is a micro-USB output that you’d plug the included USB cable into. You have the option of using it with your PC to charge and sync your data or utilize the included AC wall adapter to simply get a charge off any standard outlet.

Motorola Micro-USB High Performance 950mA Car Charger for Moto Xmoto-x-microusb-car-charger

When it comes to car chargers for the Motorola Moto X, you want a unit that will provide a quick and efficient charge without taking up a lot of space or is constantly getting tangled.

This OEM high performance car charger features a coiled-style cable that is ideal for saving space and preventing knots. The highlight of this charger is its custom illuminating lens that glows when plugged into your vehicle’s DC outlet. It’s a great charger that ensures your Moto X will receive the fastest charge as you reach your destination.

moto-x-rapid-travel-chargerMotorola Micro-USB 750mA Rapid Travel Charger for Moto X

Lastly is Motorola’s Rapid Travel Charger for the Moto X. This is without a doubt one of our most popular and revered wall chargers for this device.

It’s simple, compact and has an output of 750mA, proving that a speedy and efficient charge is what’s in store for the owner of this cable. What’s even better is that for an OEM cable, it’s affordable. Grab one for the office, at home or just as a spare!

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Final Thoughts

In order to make it through the day you’ll want to pick up one of these popular chargers for the Motorola Moto X. No matter what use you’re going for, each one will provide a reliable charge at a reasonable price.