HTC One (M8) OtterBox Alternatives


Sure, we all know the name OtterBox. But, whether you know it or not, they’re not the only rugged case manufacturer on the block anymore. There are far more affordable alternatives to protecting your HTC One (M8) and we’re here to shine a light on the best options available at Jump past the break for the low-down.


Trident Aegis Case for HTC One (M8)

This dual-layer case is an excellent alternative to the OtterBox Defender, providing a textured, rock-hard polycarbonate shell on top of a thick silicone that even has plugs for the headphone jack and charging ports to keep out dirt and debris.

What’s even more impressive about the HTC One (M8) Aegis Case is that it’s made from bio-enhanced plastics that are recyclable, degradable and compostable! Impressive for such a rugged style case and at about half the price of the OtterBox Defender.


Urban Armor Gear Composite Hybrid Case for HTC One (M8)

For a rugged case that has a lot more aethetic appeal to it, Urban Armor’s Composite Hybrid Case will solidify your HTC One (M8) in more ways than one. Comparable to OtterBox’s Defender Case in every way, this hybrid features dual-layers and custom hexagonal, textured sidegrips that enhance grip.

Included with this case is a custom HTC One (M8) screen protector and cleaning cloth that further shields your display unwanted scratches and scruffs. Take your pick from five attractive color options!


Seidio DILEX Case (with kickstand) for HTC One (M8)

Yes, even Seidio makes a great OtterBox alternative with their DILEX model case for the HTC One (M8). Although not as bulky as the Defender, this case does an excellent job at protecting against drops and scratches with its tough exoskeleton and silicone core.

The exterior shell has a unique, smooth finish that is comfy to hold and makes it easier to grip. For those that enjoy the added convenience, the DILEX case sports a retractable metal kickstand on the back that sits flush when not in use. Great for watching movies and YouTube videos.

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Final Thoughts

These are just a few of our top choices for affordable alternatives to HTC One (M8) OtterBox cases. Each one will ensure your device’s safety against damage from front to back. Don’t hesitate to check out other hybrid cases for the HTC One (M8) at if these don’t suit your needs.