New to Store: Seidio CONVERT Combo w/ Metal Kickstand for LG Nexus 5

The CONVERT Combo is a truly diverse case, providing multiple layers of durable protection against damage while also granting the option to eliminate those extra layers and sport a single hard case.

nexus-5-convert-comboThis tough hybrid works with different levels of protection to ensure the safety of your Nexus 5 against some of the most brutal impacts you’ll encounter. The first layer is the SURFACE Case, which is simply a thin hard case that slides together from top to bottom. This is your go-to case when you just want to utilize low-profile, casual protection, and not the whole shebang.

The second layer is a rugged skin that wraps around the SURFACE Case. It’s not too thick, but will certainly absorb a good amount of the impact when your Nexus 5 takes a fall. There are cutouts for the ports of the device on the skin, but the side buttons are actually raised to give you easier access so you’re not digging though each layer to get to your volume or power button. You’ll also notice that there are silicone plugs over the camera and ports. These are there for extra security against the elements. You can remove them at any time, even while the whole combo is

On top of the rugged skin you’ll find the hard plastic exoskeleton which wraps completely around the device, solidifying each layer into one tight package. On the back of the exoskeleton is a magnetic, retractable kickstand that’s great for viewing movies or websites in landscape position. The texture of this third layer is slightly rough, yet smooth enough to slide in and out of your pocket.

What makes this a “combo” is the included CONVERT Holster. This beastly clip holds your Nexus 5 wearing each layer using its secure top clip for safety. On the back you’ll see a locking mechanism for the top clip that either locks it in place or leaves it open for instant removal; a great feature, especially for those with extremely active lifestyles.

nexus-5-convert-combo-1The rotating belt clip works in 7 different positions, giving you complete comfort in any situation. The clip itself can fit around belts up to 1.5-inches in thickness and can even be removed to work with Seidio’s (separate) QUEST mounting system. The interior of the holster is lined with a soft fabric that shields your Nexus 5’s display against scratches while faced-in.

Lastly, as an added bonus to this CONVERT Combo is Seidio’s Ultimate Screen Guard. This screen protector is custom-cut for the Nexus 5’s display and once applied, retains complete clarity and touchscreen sensitivity. There’s no application gel, or advanced instructions to install it, either. It’s designed to be applied quickly and easily.

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Final Thoughts

There you have it, folks. The Nexus 5 CONVERT Combo gives you the flexibility to protect against serious damage with a few additional perks. We don’t recommend you take it swimming with you, though!