Next Level Mobile Gaming with the Fling Mini

android-fling-miniWe’ve all played those games on our Android device where the on-screen buttons are more difficult to maneuver than they should be. Maybe it’s the developer’s fault, maybe our fingers are too big or maybe our screen size is not large enough.

What if there was an accessory that could attach to your Android device and provide accurate handling through a set of comfortable joysticks? A mobile gamer’s dream come true, right? Ten One Design has created this exact accessory, the Fling Mini and we’ve got them in-stock, ready to ship here at!android-fling-mini-3

In the package you get two mini joysticks as well as a small fleece travel bag for storing. The joysticks themselves are a combination of suction cups that sit on the display of your device and anodized aluminum for long-lasting precision control over any game you play.

While you’re playing a game that uses virtual joysticks on the screen, the Fling Mini sits over those buttons and the haptic feedback guides and stabilizes the gameplay. It’s simple to apply and makes all the frustration of virtual controls a thing of the past.

android-fling-mini-2As you browse the titles on the Play Store, some will actually indicate that they’re Fling Mini compatible games, but not all of them. As long as a particular game utilizes virtual joysticks, you’re good to go!

If you’re serious about gaming on your Android device, do yourself a favor and pick up the Fling Mini. It’s affordable and make a huge difference in accuracy depending on the style game you choose to enjoy.

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