New to Store: Motorola Boom HX600 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

You’re looking at one of Motorola’s most popular, lightweight Bluetooth headsets available. The Boom HX600 features everything you’d want in a standard Bluetooth including an easily accessible on/off boom, extensive talk time and a comfortable, light fit.

motorola-boom-hx600-headsetWith Motorola’s Boom HX600 you’ll find that a lot the basic functions of your smartphone can be ported to this headset. For instance, your incoming notifications are audible through the headset, whether it be incoming calls or battery levels. You also have the ability to jam out to your favorite tunes through the HX600, thanks to the A2DP 1.2 profile.

An annoying fault of many headsets is the lack of noise-reduction when in loud and/or busy locations. The HX600 not only has automatic volume adjustment built-in, but also echo cancellation and noise reduction technology that makes managing your calls a breeze, no matter where you are!

motorola-boom-hx600-headset-2The HX600 is charged via micro-USB cable (included) and can hold a charge for up to 8 days. Of course, that’s just standby time. If you’re constantly using the headset, you’ll get roughly 6 hours out of it. However, thanks to the rapid charge feature, just 15 minutes of charging will grant you up to 2.5 hours of talk time! Pretty impressive.

Let’s talk pairing. If your mobile device is NFC-enabled, all you have to do is touch the Boom HX600 to your phone or tablet. Done. For the folks that are using the traditional Bluetooth method of pairing, that’s okay too. Simply search for nearby devices, and connect as you normally would with any Bluetooth device. This headset has an impressive range of up to 300 feet and is multipoint compatible; which means you can pair two devices simultaneously!

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Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a solid, stable and savvy Bluetooth headset, do yourself a favor and snatch up the Motorola Boom HX600. You’ll be glad you did.