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LG G Flex cases now in stock

Since the G Flex’s release, we’ve been adding more and more cases to our inventory here at Whether it’s skin cases, hard cases or hybrids you’re looking for, we have them all! Jump past the break for a brief overview of what’s available for your LG G Flex.

Hot Hybrid Cases for Motorola Droid ULTRA

This week we’re giving the center stage to our most popular Motorola Droid ULTRA cases, and right now we’re showing off our favorite hybrids from Manufacturer’s including Body Glove, Incipio and Qmadix all have rock solid options for protecting your Droid ULTRA. Jump past the break to check them out!

Save 50% on Skin Cases for Motorola Droid ULTRA

Right now is excellent time to grab yourself a new skin case for your Motorola Droid ULTRA. Why? Because we’re taking 50% off the original price of our skin cases! Our popular Cruzerlite skins come in a variety of colors and are great for casual protection against drops and scratches.

Top 3 Motorola Droid ULTRA Hard Cases

If you haven’t already, you should consider picking up a new case for your Motorola Droid ULTRA. And, to help the decision-making along we’re highlighting our top 3 hard cases from that have proven to stand up against scratches and impacts. More importantly, you won’t break the bank by purchasing one.

Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S3 Hybrid Cases

We’ve got another lineup of our most popular and sought-after hybrid cases, this time for the Samsung Galaxy S3. From manufacturer’s including OtterBox, Seidio, Trident and Incipio, there’s a wonderful selection of these dual-layered cases that will keep your Galaxy S3 protected at all times.

Next Level Mobile Gaming with the Fling Mini

What if there was an accessory that could attach to your Android device and provide accurate handling through a set of comfortable joysticks? A mobile gamer’s dream come true, right? Ten One Design has created this exact accessory and we’ve got them in-stock, ready to ship here at! Take a look as we dive a little deeper in detail to the Fling Mini Dual Pack.

Top 5 Skin Cases for Samsung Galaxy S3

There are a plethora of skin cases for the Galaxy S3 out there but we’ve taken the liberty of narrowing down that selection to the top 5 choices here at Dive in past the break to see which ones made an impression with customers and staff.