Most Popular Hybrid Cases for LG Nexus 5

When you’re shopping for the perfect hybrid case for your Nexus 5, you need to be sure it covers all the bases; protection, sleekness, comfort and functionality. We’ve picked out the most popular Nexus 5 hybrid cases from to guide you in deciding which case will suit you and your Android device best.

nexus-5-ballistic-sg-caseBallistic Shell Gel (SG) Series Case for LG Nexus 5

With the SG Case from Ballistic you get ultra-thick TPU corner protection against serious impacts with a durable textured plastic shell that provides extra grip. Available in black, white and raspberry, the SG Case leaves openings for all your ports while raising the side buttons on the skin for easy access. It’s become a favorite among Nexus 5 users that don’t want extra bulk, but require top-notch damage control and wireless charging access.

Rearth Ringke Fusion Case for LG Nexus 5nexus-5-ringke-fusion-case

If you like the original look of your Nexus 5, then you’ll love the Ringke Fusion Case’s transparent polycarbonate backing! Around the edges of this case you’ve got a strong TPU that encloses the clear backing, as well as complete access to your camera, ports and buttons. The surrounding TPU also comes in black, gray and mint colors to choose from. It’s also compatible with wireless chargers.

nexus-5-dilex-caseSeidio DILEX Case (with kickstand) for LG Nexus 5

Seidio returns with their dual-layered DILEX case for the Nexus 5, meeting the requirements of many customers seeking shock-absorbing protection. With this Nexus 5 hybrid case, a thin silicone core surrounds the device while a soft-coated, plastic exoskeleton wraps around the skin. And, the best part is the retractable kickstand on the back of the case that enables you to prop your Nexus 5 in the landscape position; great for watching videos and slideshows.

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Final Thoughts

You’ve now been introduced to our 3 most popular hybrid cases for the Nexus 5 from Choose the model that fits you and your lifestyle and give your device the protection it deserves!