Most Popular Skin Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4

Skin cases provide a medium level of protection for your Samsung Galaxy S4 and are available in a large variety of colors, designs and thicknesses. Since skin cases are among the most popular choices for Galaxy S4 owners, we’ve picked out the top 3 Galaxy S4 skin cases from to better help you decide which choice suits you and your Android best.

galaxy-s4-bugdroid-circuit-caseCruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

Cruzerlite is back with their popular Bugdroid Circuit Case, this time for the Galaxy S4. This skin case is pretty basic, but provides all the protection you need for the average user. Not only does it absorb shock from unforeseen drops, it slides perfectly into your pocket without getting stuck like many other cheap knockoff’s. You’ve got every color under the sun to choose from and some cool circuitry designs featured on the back that give your Galaxy S4 a little extra flare.

Puregear GripTek Impact Case for Samsung Galaxy S4galaxy-s4-griptek-impact-case

Designed for the Galaxy S4 user seeking extra strength in their skin case, the GripTek Impact Case from Puregear is a sound choice. The custom tread texture from top to bottom enhances your overall grip around the device and gives it a unique, rugged look. The side buttons are raised for easy access and your ports are left completely open with the skin on. While the Galaxy S4 GripTek Case is little thicker than your average skin, it will certainly provide serious impact protection when you need it. Not to mention it comes in black, blue, green and lavender!

galaxy-s4-claro-caseiSkin Claro Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

Meet the Galaxy S4 skin case that sports an elegant design with a high profile glossy exterior. The Claro Case is everything you want in a skin case: easy to apply, scratch resistant, completely accessible to features and is even made from a non-toxic TPU. How’s that for impressive? This skin case will guard your Galaxy S4 from damage and look good while doing it. Color choices with the Claro are slim, however, including black, clear and pink.

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Final Thoughts

Even with the large amount of skin cases for the Galaxy S4 that are available online and in stores, the best ones speak for themselves. These top 3 Galaxy S4 skin cases are selected for their ability to satisfy our customers and protect their devices. Grab the skin that suits you best and see for yourself!