OtterBox Alternatives for Samsung Galaxy Note 3


Times are tight, and we’re all trying to save a buck where we can. When it comes to protecting the Galaxy Note 3 though, you don’t feel right cutting corners on such a big investment. Thankfully, you’re in luck because we’ve put together a brief buyers guide to the most popular and adequate Galaxy Note 3 OtterBox alternatives that will extend the life of your device though thick and thin without burning a hole in your wallet.


Urban Armor Gear Composite Hybrid Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Without a doubt, one of our most tough cases for the Galaxy Note 3 is the Composite Hybrid Case from Urban Armor Gear. Its unique shock dissipation system works in sync with both the polyarbonate and TPU layers that sit on top of your device for ultimate drop protection.

The hexagonal textured edging provides an easier grip around the device while enhancing the overall rugged design that makes this case so appealing. Included with the case is a custom-cut screen protector and cleaning cloth. Available in four distinct colors, the Composite Hybrid Case is sure to make an impression on any asperous user.


Trident Cyclops Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Cyclops Case from Trident not only has a cool name but it’s an environmentally friendly cover that literally puts your Galaxy Note 3 into beast mode. It packs dual-layers with silicone plugs for all your device’s ports and even a built-in screen protector.

It’s constructed of bio-enhanced, recyclable, degradable and compostable plastic – making it dang near as green as you can get! It’s an awesome substitute for OtterBox’s Commuter Series cases and comes in black, blue, red and pink.


Ballistic SG MAXX Series Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

If you’re searching for a contender for the OtterBox Defender Series, this case is going to be your #1 choice. Ballistic’s SG MAXX turns your Galaxy Note 3 into a beefcake with ultra-thick TPU corners that cover all the major impact areas and a beautifully textured polycarbonate exterior shell that keeps everything solid and compact.

To top it all off the SG MAXX comes bundled with a wicked-durable holster that sports a swivel clip on the back that’s perfect for most utility belts. Colors are limited to only black and white, but both look and feel amazing; setting aside any future freakouts when your Note 3 hits the pavement.


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Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 can get the protection it needs without the huge price tag. All three of the cases mentioned here are great alternatives to any OtterBox and will ensure the longevity of your device. See our entire selection of hybrid cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 at!