Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cases: Which are Best and Why?

As Samsung continues to improve and impress with each new smartphone that emerges on the market, flip cases are becoming more popular than ever before. Smart and elegant designs ensure your Galaxy S4 retains substantial protection against scratches, and some even provide instant access to incoming notifications. Take a look at the top 3 Galaxy S4 flip cases from that have made the cut with our customers and staff.

galaxy-s4-sview-flip-coverSamsung S-View Flip Cover for Galaxy S4

This OEM flip case is hands down the #1 customer favorite. Not only does the S-View provide a clear window to see the time, date, incoming calls and other notifications, it’s incredible slim as a whole. The back plastic cover actually replaces your stock battery door and snaps into place, leaving out the extra bulk. The front flap automatically kicks your display on and off depending on whether you’re opening or closing the case. It’s not the most protective case on the market, but it certainly is one of the most convenient.

Story Leather Side Flip Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S4galaxy-s4-leather-wallet-case

A real plus to some flip cases is their ability to store certain items while protecting against damage. With the Side Flip Wallet Case from Story Leather, you have that advantage along with a beautiful genuine leather exterior to show off. The case is hand-crafted and also includes a polycarbonate shell inside that your Galaxy S4 snaps into for extra protection. With the built-in storage pocket you can keep a couple credit cards, cash, receipts, business cards- you name it. To top it all off you even have a magnetic closure that secures the flip case closed around your Galaxy S4, keeping your device and personal items intact.

galaxy-s4-flipback-hg-smart-caseRevJams FlipBack HG Smart Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

This simplistic Galaxy S4 flip case gives you all the basics, and yet, is completely reliable. For starters, the 3-panel design of the front cover allows you to fold it back into a convenient viewing stand. The interior of the cover is made of a soft material that prevents unwanted scratches while closed. The back of the Smart Case is made of a durable plastic that snaps around your Galaxy S4, treated with a protective and scratch resistant UV liquid plastic coating. Available in both black and white, this Galaxy S4 flip case is real crowd pleaser.

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Final Thoughts

It’s always best to avoid the cheap imitation cases you find just to save a few dollars, especially when it comes to flip cases for the Galaxy S4. These 3 cases have proven themselves worthy of functionality and reliability. Grab one for yourself to see what all the fuss is about!