Save 50% on Skin Cases for Motorola Droid ULTRA

Right now is an excellent time to grab yourself a new skin case for your Motorola Droid ULTRA. Why? Because we’re taking 50% off the original price of our skin cases! Our popular Cruzerlite skins come in a variety of colors and are great for casual protection against drops and scratches.

droid-ultra-experience-skinCruzerlite Experience Case for Motorola Droid ULTRA

This flexible skin case is made from a durable, scratch-resistant TPU that’s lightweight and easy to install. On the back of each case are a variety of Android icons that have been embedded into the skin with a glossy finish. With the overall surface of the Experience Case having a soft, matte coating, these icons really pop out to give your Droid ULTRA a unique look and feel.

The edges of the Experience Case are also glossy and feature cutouts for all your side buttons and ports. The display is left completely exposed, but remains protected when you lay your phone facing down thanks to the raised edges. Take your pick of 11 different colors and experience the savings!

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case for Motorola Droid ULTRAdroid-ultra-bugdroid-circuit-case

This custom skin features all the same qualities as the above-mentioned case, but has a different pattern embedded on the back.

Towards the bottom of the case you’ll see Andy the Android surrounded by a series of lines (circuits) that reach from top to bottom and side to side. You still have several color options available and access to the display, camera, ports and buttons at all times. The Droid ULTRA Bugdroid Circuit Case is attractive in design and tough enough to help absorb those unforeseen drops.

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Final Thoughts

Both the Cruzerlite Experience Case and Bugdroid Circuit Case are available for 50% off right now at Don’t miss out on the opportunity to pick up one of these unique skin cases while saving big!