New to Store: Amzer Border Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

galaxy-s5-border-caseDesigned to give your Samsung Galaxy S5 the sleek freedom it deserves, Amzer’s Border Case takes a more modern and attractive approach to the traditional bumper case. Jump past the break for further detail on this newest addition to

This Samsung Galaxy S5 Border Case is crafted from a double molded polycarbonate that features both a matte and glossy finish for superior grip and eye-catching appeal. The Border snaps easily around the edges of the Galaxy S5, leaving the display and battery cover exposed. While this does mean it’s vulnerable to scratches, this style case isn’t known for its ability to provide damage control on all fronts.

In fact, where Amzer’s Border Case shines is in its simplistic design. There’s no extra layers to bulk up your GS5 or clips to attach to your waist. Just clean, attractive impact protection from minor drops without the bells and whistles.

galaxy-s5-border-case-2The frame of the Border Case is completely flexible and slightly raised on both the front and back. This ensures that even while your Galaxy S5 is layed flat on any surface, no abrasive debris can scuff or scratch the device.

The side buttons have been raised on the case to allow easier access and the headhone jack and charging ports remain accessible through precision cutouts.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, Amzer’s Border Case is worth a try for anyone that’s seeking a bumper-style case for their Samsung Galaxy S5. With six attractive colors to choose from, there’s one that will fit anyone’s tastes. You won’t be prepared for water intrusion or severe impacts, but if you’re the kind of Android user that’s always cautious with their device, the Border Case may fit the bill just right.