Top 3 Batteries and Covers for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Keeping your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 powered up is always a top priority. Whether you’re at the office, traveling or at school, having a spare battery for your Note 3 ensures you’ll make it through your day no matter how busy you are! We’ve selected the top 3 batteries and covers for the Galaxy Note 3 from that will ensure you never run out of battery life again!

Samsung 3200mAh Standard Battery for Galaxy Note 3


This might look familiar, and for good reason! It’s the stock OEM battery that comes with your Galaxy Note 3. Packed with 3200mAh of lithium ion power, this battery fits perfectly into the back of your Note 3 and provides even the most demanding users with enough juice to make it through majority of the day. Great as a spare or even as a replacement in case your original goes south!

Samsung Extra 3200mAh Battery Charging System for Galaxy Note 3


Say hello to the ultimate Galaxy Note 3 lifesaver! This Samsung Charging System uses your existing charging cable to power-up your spare Note 3 battery anywhere there’s a USB port or wall socket. The entire system includes the plastic battery charger, a new 3200mAh Note 3 battery and even a clear plastic carrying case to keep it safe from water damage or drops. Everything you need in one bundle to keep you going, no matter how busy your day gets.

Samsung Wireless Charging Battery Cover for Galaxy Note 3


If you haven’t experienced the simplicity of wireless charging with your Galaxy Note 3, then you’re doing yourself an injustice. This OEM battery cover replaces your stock door and provides a Qi-compatible connection with most wireless-charging pads on the market. The cover itself is hardly any different in size and still sports a unique look and feel that compliments your Note 3. Made of a polyurethane leather, the Wireless Charging Cover comes in black or white and eliminates the need of messy cables for good!

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Final Thoughts

The bottom line is this: You’ll always run into a time when your Galaxy Note 3 is in desperate need of battery life. When you can’t get to a charger, having a spare battery on hand can be the difference between a good and bad situation. And let’s face it; it’s better to be prepared!