Top 3 Car Mounts for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Often one of the most overlooked mobile accessories, car mounts can prove to be not only extremely convenient but also much more safe while at the wheel. These specific Galaxy Note 3 car mounts that we’ve chosen from are popular due to their ability to hold up on bumpy excursions, versatility to mount in more than just one position and even charge while mounted.

galaxy-note-3-aduro-car-mountAduro U-Grip & Universal Car Mount for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

This Galaxy Note 3 car mount can be secured to your vehicle’s dashboard using Aduro’s strong suction cup to provide you with safe travels for you and your device. Unlike many traditional car mounts, the U-Grip Mount doesn’t lose its grip around your Note 3 when the temperature or weather changes. Hot or cold your device stays put! The arms that hold your Note 3 can be extended or retracted, even giving you a 360-degree viewing capability. All it takes is a single hand to operate your Note 3 in this car mount!

iBOLT xProDock w/ USB Cable for Samsung Galaxy Note 3galaxy-note-3-xprodock

This custom Galaxy Note 3 car mount has the ability to be mounted on both the dashboard or windshield of your vehicle. On the back you’ll find a 5ft micro-USB cable which can be used with a USB car adapter to keep your Note 3 powered up while you commute. The ROK Mount, which iBOLT calls it, provides a vibration free solution so you never have to worry about your Note 3 falling out of its arms! You can rotate your device in portrait and landscape positions, depending on what’s most comfortable for you while you ride. You can even fit your Note 3 in this dock with a case on!

galaxy-note-3-arkon-dash-mountArkon Weighted Dash Mount for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

This Galaxy Note 3 car mount has a fair about of beef to it, and that’s because it’s designed to stay put on your dashboard with its built-in bean bag base. Sure, it’s a little on the heavy side but this Note 3 car mount has a no-slip grip on the bottom so sliding from one end to your dashboard to the other is not an option! A suction mount attaches to the base featuring adjustable legs at the bottom, leaving access to your ports at all times. This style Galaxy Note 3 car mount is great for vehicles with spacious dashboards.

Featured Galaxy Note 3 Car Mounts


These are just a few of the mounting options for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that are available at Hopefully you give one of these popular mounting solutions a chance and make your next commute a safer and more enjoyable experience!