Top 3 Hard Cases for Motorola Moto X

It’s time to reveal which Moto X hard cases take the top 3 spots here at! Each case has its own unique characteristics, but they all provide excellent protection with very little additional bulk. Dive in past the break to check them out!

moto-x-reveal-caseGriffin Reveal Case for Motorola Moto X

The beauty of Griffin’s Reveal case is, you guessed it: its ability to reveal the Moto X! It has a completely transparent polycarbonate backing that’s surrounded by rubber edging that protects those impact points. The case is very slim and does a great job at leaving access to all your device’s features. The Moto X Reveal Case gives you good protection in a thin form.

Seidio SURFACE Case (with kickstand) for Motorola Moto Xmoto-x-surface-case

Slide this two-piece case around your Motorola Moto X and get quality protection against damage with an added bonus. The magnetic kickstand on the back of the SURFACE Case folds out so you can prop your Moto X on any flat surface in landscape position. It’s great for watching movies, browsing the web or shooting video. The interior features a soft material that acts as a buffer between your device and the hard shell, preventing unwanted scratches on the inside. Your color options include black, blue, red and purple.

moto-x-carbon-caseCase-Mate Carbon Case for Motorola Moto X

This Moto X hard case has the looks and the luxury. The one-piece design easily snaps around your device with a textured weave pattern from top to bottom for that carbon fiber look. The case is extremely thin, but does a great job at handling impacts. Naturally, you can access all the features of your Moto X while wearing the case.

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Final Thoughts

Your Moto X’s hard case shouldn’t have to be bulky or tacky looking. Treat your Android device to some style with one of these custom hard cases for a more reliable solution against drops.