Top 3 Hard Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4

When it comes to protecting your Samsung Galaxy S4, hard cases can provide you with solid protection against drops and scratches while giving your device a unique look. Choosing the right hard case for your Galaxy S4 is extremely important, no matter the lifestyle or occasion. The staff here at have picked out the top 3 hard cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 that have proven to be popular with customers and stand out from your everyday plastic case.

galaxy-s4-gamer-casePuregear Gamer Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

Get your gaming face on because this custom Galaxy S4 hard case provides you with protection and is an excellent time-killer! The Puregear Gamer Case is outlined with a solid polycarbonate border for edge-to-edge protection against drops and features a completely transparent back cover with a maze underneath. While you’re waiting for your appointment, simply flip over your Galaxy S4 and tilt your way through this puzzle. You’ve even got access to your camera, ports and buttons. Who says cases can’t be fun?

Swiss-Case Glacier Case for Samsung Galaxy S4galaxy-s4-glacier-case

If you’re looking for a little extra glamour to your Galaxy S4 hard case, the Glacier Case from Swiss-Case sports quality protection with a truly unique design all around. The back has custom “glacier” cutouts from top to bottom and an aluminum strip down one side that makes the case a real attention grabber. The case snaps on around your Galaxy S4 and leaves openings for all your ports, buttons and camera. There’s even several color options you can choose from!

galaxy-s4-surface-caseSeidio SURFACE Case (with kickstand) for Samsung Galaxy S4

If you haven’t used a Seidio case before, you’re definitely missing out. The SURFACE Case, in particular, is one of the lightest, most low-profile hard cases for the Galaxy S4 available. The back of the case features a retractable kickstand that fits flush with case when not in use, and is great for viewing YouTube videos and other media. The SURFACE Case comes in a handful of colors and can even be used with Seidio’s SURFACE Holster (sold separately) if desired.

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Final Thoughts

What Galaxy S4 hard case stands out to you most? Whether it’s style, level of protection or form factor you’re looking for, the choice is yours to make. All 3 of these cases are excellent in their own respect and each will ensure your Galaxy S4 stays protected.