Top 3 Headsets for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Now that you’re already using one of the most impressive Android smartphones available it’s time to go handsfree. Take your pick of Bluetooth, sporting headsets or even regular wired headsets! Have a look at the top 3 headsets for the Galaxy Note 3 we’ve chosen straight from

galaxy-note-3-nx80-stereo-headphonesNoiseHush NX80 3.5mm Stereo Headphones for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

When it comes to wired headsets, the NX80 takes the cake for quality sound and powerful bass. Plug in the gold-plated 3.5mm cord to your Galaxy Note 3 and let this headset blow you away! Not only does the NX80 come in a handful of colors to choose from, but it also features an inline microphone so you can switch between listening to your favorite tunes and managing your phone calls. Did we mention the tangle-free cord and extra earbuds it comes with? There’s that, too.

LG Tone + HBS-730 Bluetooth Stereo Headset for Samsung Galaxy Note 3galaxy-note-3-lg-tone-bluetooth

Designed for those looking for ultimate comfort with CD quality sound over a Bluetooth connection, the HBS-730 is your Galaxy Note 3’s new best friend. The built-in apt-X technology is what enables the superior sound quality via Bluetooth while the echo cancellation and noise reduction prevents unwanted intrusion of outside sound. You’ll love the comfortable magnetic neckband, too. Manage your music and calls through the HBS-730, even download LG’s BT Reader App to have this headset read your incoming texts in real time! Unmatched comfort and quality with this Galaxy Note 3 Bluetooth Stereo Headset.

galaxy-note-3-sf200-wired-sports-headphonesMotorola SF200 Wired Sports Headphones for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

When it’s time to workout, you want a headset that’s going to stand up against sweat while you get through your routine. That’s why you’re going to love the Motorola SF200 Headset. Designed with hydrophobic mesh, silicone seals and encased speakers, it sports a completely sweat-proof design that will ensure you never lose connection or quality during your workout. As you might expect, you’ve even got built-in controls that allow you to manage your music and calls while in the heat of the moment. The SF200 Wired Sports Headset is a best seller for Galaxy Note 3 users.

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Final Thoughts

Going handsfree allows you to get more done while retaining the quality and clarity that your Note 3 provides on its own. Each of these Samsung Galaxy Note 3 headsets provide their own advantages, giving you the flexibility that you and your Note 3 deserve. Don’t forget that there are always more headsets for the Note 3 being added to, so feel free to drop in to see our entire selection!