Top 3 Holsters for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

There’s no better way to keep your Galaxy Note 3 at your side than with a secure and durable holster. Whether you’re clipping to your belt, pocket or bag, having a holster for your Note 3 allows quick and easy access at all times without fumbling through your pocket to answer a call. Check out our top three holsters for the Galaxy Note 3.

Seidio Spring Clip Holster for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

This low key holster stays clipped at your side no matter how active your day becomes. The durable spring clip on the back of this Galaxy Note 3 holster can be rotated in either direction, giving you complete comfort in both vertical or horizontal positions. Designed to fit your Note 3 without a case on, the Seidio Spring Clip Holster has a soft velvet interior, keeping your display safe from scratches while safe at your side.
SURFACE Holster for Galaxy Note 3

Seidio SURFACE Holster for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

This custom Note 3 holster holds your device while sporting the Seidio SURFACE Case; a low-profile hard case that protects against minor drops. You have all the same features of Seidio’s Spring Clip Holster such as the velvet interior for display protection, durable rotating clip and soft-touch exterior for an added grip. A great choice if you’re looking for a little extra protection for your Note 3 while still being able to clip to your belt.

Seidio DILEX Holster for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The third and final holster we’ve selected is the brute of the group. The Galaxy Note 3 DILEX Holster fits your device with the Seidio DILEX Case on, featuring two layers of protection. This Note 3 holster would be the preferred choice for any user who’s looking for the most protection. The rotatable spring clip, velvet display protection and extra wide fit allows your device to sit securely at your waist. Check out the buy together deals to grab the DILEX Case with the holster for a discounted price!

Final Thoughts

All three of these Samsung Galaxy Note 3 holsters serve their own purpose and provide a certain level of protection. Go about your day with confidence with one of these reliable Note 3 holsters at your side. Just choose which one suits you best and let the holster do the rest!