Top 3 Holsters for Samsung Galaxy S4

If pocketing your Galaxy S4 is not your preferred method of protection while going about your day, having a secure holster clipped to your side can be an excellent alternative. Available in all different sizes, these top 3 holsters for the Galaxy S4 will provide you with everything you need to maintain quick and easy access at all times.

galaxy-s4-spring-clip-holsterSeidio Spring-Clip Holster for Samsung Galaxy S4

Designed for the Galaxy S4 user that prefers no additional bulk on their device, this Spring-Clip Holster from Seidio fits your naked device face-in while the top clip keeps it snug and secure. The felt-lined padding on the inside of the holster even keeps your Galaxy S4’s display safe from any scratches. The rear clip can be rotated in any direction for your desired look and holds up against wear and tear better than most cheap knock-off’s on the market.

Seidio SURFACE Holster for Samsung Galaxy S4galaxy-s4-surface-holster

So, you want a little extra protection around your Galaxy S4. After picking up a Seidio SURFACE Case to help guard against drops and scratches, grab yourself one of these SURFACE Holsters. This clip is designed with a slightly larger form to accommodate your Galaxy S4 while the SURFACE Case is on. The holster itself retains all important aspects including a secure top clip, felt-lined interior for screen protection and an adjustable rock-solid clip on the back for your belt, pocket or purse. You can even save a few bucks by purchasing the SURFACE Case and Holster together!

galaxy-s4-active-holsterSeidio ACTIVE Holster for Samsung Galaxy S4

Do you need the ultimate protection against impacts while still being able to reach for your Galaxy S4 at your side? If so, then the ACTIVE Holster is the perfect choice for you. Constructed to safely hold your Galaxy S4 while wearing the dual-layered Seidio ACTIVE Case (sold separately), this robust holster can withstand the bumps and drops of an active day’s work, inside or out. As with the SURFACE Holster, you can grab both the ACTIVE Case and Holster together and save 25%.

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Final Thoughts

Any of these 3 holsters for the Samsung Galaxy S4 can work for you, depending on the level of protection you desire. They’re great for instant access to your device and are designed to give you confidence in the field or at the office!