Top 3 Hybrid Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4

Popular for their dual-layers and unique designs, these Samsung Galaxy S4 hybrid cases offer some of the best protection available on the market. There are plenty of styles and colors to choose from, but which hybrid case is the best choice for you? We’ll help you decide as we take a look at the top 3 hybrid cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 from

galaxy-s4-alpine-caseSwiss-Case Alpine Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

This custom Galaxy S4 hybrid case makes an impression with its glossy polycarbonate back and precise cutouts around the sides. There’s a TPU core that sits underneath, providing an enhanced grip and comfortable feel. The design of the Alpine Case alone is extremely attractive in each and every color option. Not only do you get great drop protection but also complete access to the display, camera and ports.

Seidio ACTIVE Case (with kickstand) for Samsung Galaxy S4galaxy-s4-active-case

One of our most sought after Galaxy S4 cases at, the Seidio ACTIVE Case’s durable exoskeleton protects each corner of your device while the flexible inner skin absorbs impacts. You’ll also love the magnetic retractable kickstand on the exoskeleton that gives you a convenient way to view your favorite media. One thing to consider with the ACTIVE Case is where the skin is exposed, it picks up dust and debris like a magnet. Usually something you’ll notice if you tend to keep the case in your pocket often.

galaxy-s4-aegis-caseTrident Aegis Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

With the Galaxy S4 Aegis Case, you get everything you need to keep your device safe from damage. Four corners of double-thick silicone, a hard polycarbonate shell and even an included screen protector! The rubberized finish of this case provides a comfortable feel all-around while leaving you with access to everything including the display, camera, ports and buttons. Although the Galaxy S4 Aegis Case is slightly bulkier than the other hybrids mentioned here, it’s truly a great choice for those looking for solid protection against drops. Not to mention the vibrant color choices that are available!

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Final Thoughts

Consider what protecting your investment is worth to you. These Samsung Galaxy S4 hybrid cases will give you the most reliable protection against common drops you’ll ever need. Choose your style, color and you’re good to go.