Top 3 Motorola Droid ULTRA Hard Cases

If you haven’t already, you should consider picking up a new case for your Motorola Droid ULTRA. And, to help the decision-making along we’re highlighting our top 3 hard cases from that have proven to stand up against scratches and impacts. More importantly, you won’t break the bank by purchasing one.

droid-ultra-feather-shineIncipio Feather SHINE Hard Case for Motorola Droid ULTRA

This low-profile hard case offers great protection against minor impacts. It gets its name from its incredibly lightweight design and ability to shield against damage without any unnecessary bulk. The case comes in one piece that snaps around your Droid ULTRA, leaving the display, camera, buttons and ports completely accessible. The most attractive feature is the brushed aluminum finish that gives the case its unique “shine”.

Mobi Products Hard Shell Case for Motorola Droid ULTRAdroid-ultra-mobi-hard-shell

Looking for something a little less flashy? Try out this two-piece hard case from Mobi Products. The front and back shells snap together around the Droid ULTRA, providing a smooth finish that’s comfortable to hold and easy to grip. The case slides easily in and out of your pocket without attracting lint or other debris. Even with having a top and bottom piece, the case is fairly thin in design. Not only is the Mobi Hard Shell affordable, it comes in five different colors to choose from!

droid-ultra-feather-snaponIncipio Feather Snap-On Case for Motorola Droid ULTRA

Similar to its glamorous cousin, the Feather Snap-On sports the incredibly thin profile, only without the fancy finish. With this custom hard case you get the durable plextonium shell and a soft-touch finish for added grip. With vibrant colors like cherry blossom pink and cyan, you can lighten up your Droid ULTRA while protecting against drops and scratches at the same time!

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Final Thoughts

Never leave your device unprotected, especially if you’re just looking to retain its original form factor. These hard cases for the Motorola Droid ULTRA do an excellent job at shielding against damage without adding multiple layers and extra weight.