Top 3 Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy S5

Shielding your Samsung Galaxy S5’s display from scratches is paramount, but choosing which screen protector is best for you isn’t exactly a walk in the park. There’s a wide selection available here at so we’ve narrowed down the list to a select few that we’ve found to be most effective in preserving your Galaxy S5’s beautiful display.


ZAGG InvisibleSHIELD for Samsung Galaxy S5

At only .2mm thick, ZAGG’s screen protector features nano-memory technology that’s virtually indestructible. What’s even more impressive is InvisibleSHIELD’s history protecting high-speed military helicopter blades from dust, dirt and debris. That kind of technology focused on your Galaxy S5 is something to brag about!

Each package includes a single protector that’s easy peasy to apply and remove. You also don’t have to worry about any sticky residue being left behind.


Amzer Kristal Tempered Glass HD Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S5

Amzer’s Galaxy S5 Tempered Glass HD Protector is a favorite here at Its beveled 3D edges, scratch resistant 8-9H coating is only .4mm thick and once installed, prevents your display from ever shattering!

The tempered glass has a silicone coating that works in harmony for ultimate scratch and shatter resistance. Each package includes a single tempered glass protector, a 6×6 microfiber cleaning cloth, alcohol swab, scratch card and de-dusting film.


Seidio VITREO Tempered Glass Screen Guard for Samsung Galaxy S5

Seidio’s VITREO protectors have recently started becoming more popular, and for good reason. Their oleophobic coating helps resist abrasions and smudges, also reinforcing the critical impact points of your Galaxy S5.

This particular screen protector is also made of a high-grade tempered glass that has a 9H hardness rating. The tapered edging gives it a unique and more natural look once applied. At only .02 inches thick, the VITREO protector installs quickly and easily without bubbling or lifting. Oh, and you can also enjoy retaining complete touch sensitivity and clarity with it installed!

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Final Thoughts

We have a larger selection of Samsung Galaxy S5 screen protectors at, including screen cleaners and microfiber cleaning cloths that can aid in preserving your display’s pristine look and feel. Don’t risk permanently damaging your device and scoop one up before it’s too late!