Top 3 Skin Cases for Motorola Moto X

Wrap your Motorola Moto X with a custom skin case that will keep you safe against drops and scratches at all times. The staff here at have selected our top 3 skins for the Moto X. Jump past the break to check them out!

moto-x-experience-caseCruzerlite Experience Case for Motorola Moto X

With this custom skin you get a variety of different Android icons embedded into the back of the case, showing off everything you love about Android. The flexible TPU wraps around your Moto X protecting every edge, also elevating the display from flat surfaces. You can take your pick of just about any standard color you could ask for and swamp them out on the fly. Minimal bulk and a great feeling case.

Body Glove DropSuit Rugged Case for Motorola Moto Xmoto-x-dropsuit-rugged-case

Engineered with ultimate durability in mind, the Moto X DropSuit Rugged Case shows off a gritty side with its unique design, reinforced corners and elevated side buttons. This case even has an anti-microbial agent embedded into the skin to prevent bacteria and odor growth. You can drop your device with this case on and it will absorb the impact better than most skins of its kind. If you don’t mind a rugged feel and look to your Moto X, then the DropSuit Rugged is perfect protection.

moto-x-mybat-skinMYBAT Skin Case for Motorola Moto X

MYBAT’s Moto X Skin is as about as simple as it gets. An affordable, quality silicone cover that will shield your device against minor impacts when necessary. This skin has a very soft feel to it and has cutouts for all your Moto X’s features including the screen, camera and ports. Take your pick from 3 different vibrant colors!

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Final Thoughts

Whether you’re going for durability or affordability, the perfect skin case for your Moto X is here waiting for you. Feel free to take a look at our entire selection of Moto X skin cases at if these don’t fit your needs.