Top 3 Skin Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 3


Skin Cases for the Galaxy Note 3 are excellent options for protection. They’re flexible, easy to install and remove, inexpensive and have variety of designs and colors to choose from. Jump past the break to check out our top 3 skin cases for the Galaxy Note 3.

Cruzerlite Androidified Clone Army Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Made from a strong yet flexible TPU, the Galaxy Note 3 Clone Army Skin Case wraps around your device providing edge to edge protection against minor drops. The back of each case features a clone of Android’s embedded into the skin, giving you a unique texture while in your hand. There’s also complete access to all the features of the Note 3, including the stylus.

Cruzerlite Androidified A2 Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

These custom skin cases for the Galaxy Note 3 sport a slim form factor with two different textures for a unique feel and added grip. The back of the Note 3 A2 skin has a large portrait of Andy the Android, that’s smooth to the touch. The side grips of this skin also have the same feel, only with an additional texture from top to bottom. The area that surrounds Andy is glossy, providing a truly customized look to your Galaxy Note 3.

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Lastly we have the Note 3 Bugdroid Circuit Case; a TPU case that shows off a unique design of Android circuitry on the back and protects against those unforeseen drops. This skin case for the Note 3 is largely popular for its design and ability to resist fingerprints and scratches. As with most of Cruzerlite’s cases, there’s no shortage of colors to choose from.


These 3 skin cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 all provide the necessary protection to keep your device safe from accidental drops. While they may not guarantee the best protection available, they’re great for the casual user that doesn’t want the additional bulk of dual-layers. Simple, stylish and affordable!