Top 5 Chargers and Cables for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

One of the advantages to owning the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is having a variety of ways to charge the device. No longer are you limited to the standard wall or car charger. We’re talking custom docks, wireless charging pads and even that snappy USB 3.0 cable that leaves traditional charging rates in the dust. We’ll point out the top 5 chargers and cables for the Galaxy Note 3 that will enhance your overall experience and ensure you stay powered up no matter where your day takes you!

samsung-galaxy-note-3-desktop-dockSamsung Desktop Dock for Galaxy Note 3

This handy little desktop dock opens up into a stand for your Note 3 and features a 21-pin plug at the bottom that the device sits into perfectly. On the back side of the dock you’ll find an auxiliary port to run audio to an external source as well as a 21-pin/micro-USB port for plugging in your existing USB cable or wall charger. This OEM Galaxy Note 3 Desktop Dock is a great travel companion due to its compact size and lack of wired cables. Grab one for the office and another for your nightstand!

Samsung Micro-USB 2A Travel Charger for Galaxy Note 3samsung-galaxy-note-3-travel-charger

This Samsung Travel Charger works like a charm with your Galaxy Note 3. It includes a 3ft detachable micro-USB cable along with a 2AMP wall adapter. Whether you’re looking to hook up to your PC or laptop, the USB cable provides a seamless transfer for all your syncing and charging needs. The wall adapter is small in size, so it’s also great for traveling.

samsung-galaxy-note-3-wireless-charging-kitSamsung Wireless Charging Kit for Galaxy Note 3

Say hello to the future to mobile charging! This Wireless Charging Kit for the Note 3 includes everything you need to forget about messy cables and start charging more efficiently. Simply replace your battery door with the included S-Cover and place it on the charging pad to get started. It’s really that easy! This kit even has the option to buy the white or black S-Cover so you can match your Note 3.

Samsung USB 3.0 21-pin Cable for Galaxy Note 3samsung-galaxy-note-3-usb-30-cable

If you’re looking for the absolute quickest way to charge your Galaxy Note 3, this is it. This OEM 21-pin cable plugs directly into your Note 3 and into any USB 3.0 port for the fastest charge you’ve seen yet. The cable is approximately 5ft in length, enough to wrap around most obstacles and is great as a spare or even a replacement. Definitely a must-have for any Galaxy Note 3 owner!

samsung-galaxy-note-3-car-chargerSamsung Micro-USB 700mA Car Charger for Galaxy Note 3

As long as you’re driving a vehicle around you’re going to need a reliable car charger for your Note 3. This OEM charger includes a 700mAh vehicle adapter and a detachable micro-USB to USB cable. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that extra battery life is right at your side as you travel.

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Final Thoughts

Now you have the knowledge to properly accessorize your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with the best chargers on the market. Maybe you don’t need each one, but don’t be afraid to treat yourself! Battery life is a top-priority, after all.