Top 5 Hard Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 3


Hard cases for the Galaxy Note 3 keep you safe from drops and scratches while providing a slim look while it’s protecting your device. As with most cases, they come in all different colors and styles so we’re picking the top 5 Galaxy Note 3 hard cases that stand out among the rest.

Seidio SURFACE Case (with kickstand) for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Designed with interlocking top and bottom pieces, the Seidio SURFACE Case not only shields against damage but also gives you a soft-touch coating from front to back that helps prevent drops. The main feature of the SURFACE case, however, is the magnetic kickstand on the back. Prop this baby open when you’re ready to watch your favorite videos, then fold it back in when you’re done!


Mobi Products Hard Shell Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

This Galaxy Note 3 hard case is as simple as it gets. It’s sleek, affordable and gives you the casual protection you need to make it through the day. This Mobi Hard Shell Case features a front and back panel that snap together, leaving access to all the ports and buttons of the Note 3. Not your top of the line hard case, but great for those looking to save a buck.


Incipio Feather SHINE Hard Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Looking to add a little extra shine to your Galaxy Note 3? The Feather SHINE case has you covered with its attractive brushed aluminum finish. The high density plextonium frame keeps you protected against drops while the custom finish is soft to the touch. Surprisingly enough, the case is pretty lightweight as well!


Case-Mate Carbon Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

This durable hard case gives your Note 3 the unique look of carbon fiber while shielding against damage. The carbon fiber finish not only looks great, but gives you an enhanced grip around your Note 3. The raised edges keep your display safe from scratches and you’ve got complete access to all the ports and buttons. A solid case for those wanting a rugged edge to a slim Note 3 hard shell.


Cruzerlite DNA Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Grab yourself some custom graphics for your Note 3 with this DNA case from Cruzerlite. This polycarbonate case shows off some cool looking DNA designs on the back with Andy the Android. It simply snaps on as a single piece around the Note 3 and leaves everything accessible. It’s simple, stylish and comes in blue or green!


Choosing the perfect Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hard case should come easy depending on your own personal style. Whether it’s rugged, stylish or simple, there’s always an option that will suit your needs!