Top 5 Hybrid Cases for Samsung Galaxy S5


We’ve got quite the selection of Samsung Galaxy S5 hybrid cases here at, including popular names such as Spigen, Urban Armor Gear, Incipio, Seidio and Trident. Which ones have made the cut in our top 5 favorites? Read on to find out!


Spigen Tough Armor Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

One of their most heavy duty models from Spigen’s line of cases, the Tough Armor Case for the Galaxy S5 is designed to handle impacts more efficiently than ever.

A web-patterned, inner TPU core combined with a scratch resistant polycarbonate shell that utilizes air cushioned technology dissipates shock from accidentals drops throughout the entire case rather than just one area. This gives your Galaxy S5 a higher chance of resisting any damage, internal or external, from the more serious impacts.


Seidio CONVERT Combo w/ Metal Kickstand for Samsung Galaxy S5

Seidio has proven time and time again that they’ve got a confident grip on how to protect our Android devices. The same can be said for their CONVERT Combo for the Galaxy S5.

The inner-most layer is actually the SURFACE Case, the most thin and lightweight hard case they manufacture. You can use just this case when the extra protection isn’t necessary. When it’s time to strap on the big guns, however, a rubber skin and plastic skeleton wraps around the first layer. Increased bulkiness can be a factor here, but you won’t have to worry about damage! The included CONVERT holster is a welcoming bonus as well; great for securing to utility belts up to 1.5″.


Urban Armor Gear Composite Hybrid Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

UAG never disappoints with their Composite Hybrid Case line. You’re looking at a Galaxy S5 case that not only is aesthetically pleasing for the rugged, outdoorsy user but also lives up to its ballsy looks.

A durable plastic shell sits on top of an impact resistant core with a unique design from top to bottom and front to back. Between its hexagonal textured side grips and included screen protector, this Composite Hybrid Case will ensure the safety of your Galaxy S5 for many drops to come. Not to mention your GS5 will look awesome in just about any color option available.


Incipio DualPro Hard Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

Anyone who’s familiar with Incipio has probably had their hands on the DualPro Hard Case. These cases are notorious for their incredibly slim and sleek design and ability to withstand those drops you wish you could forget.

Each case has it’s own unique color combination and features their very own plextonium shell that sports a soft matte finish that’s comfortable to hold and easy to grip. The inner silicone layer has raised edges, making your side buttons much easier to access while the case is on your Galaxy S5.


Trident Aegis Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

These Aegis Cases from Trident are highly sought after for their eco-friendly construction and vibrant colors. They’re made of a bio-enhanced, recyclable, degradable and compostable plastic. It may not sound tough, but you’d be surprised what these cases can handle.

Naturally utilizing both silicone and polycarbonate layers, these Aegis Cases exceed military standards and even have silicone plugs for your headphone and charging ports to keep out dust, dirt and other debris.

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Final Thoughts

From our top 5 list of hybrid cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5 you can find a choice that suits your hectic and/or rugged lifestyle with ease. There are also plenty of other options, aside from the ones featured in this article, that you can browse over at!