Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S3 Hybrid Cases

We’ve got another lineup of our most popular and sought-after hybrid cases, this time for the Samsung Galaxy S3. From manufacturer’s including OtterBox, Seidio, Trident and Incipio, there’s a wonderful selection of these dual-layered cases that will keep your Galaxy S3 protected at all times.

galaxy-s3-active-caseSeidio ACTIVE Case (with kickstand) for Samsung Galaxy S3

The ACTIVE Case combines a rugged silicone skin that wraps around your Galaxy S3 with a durable polycarbonate exoskeleton that fits perfectly in place on top. The back shell also features a built-in, magnetic and retractable kickstand for convenient viewing when the situation calls for it. There’s access to all your Galaxy S3’s functions and the overall profile of the case is fairly small, making it easy to slip into your pocket, bag or purse!

galaxy-s3-otterboxOtterBox Commuter Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

OtterBox’s Commuter Case has been an incredibly popular choice here at ShopAndroid, and for good reason. Its ability to absorb impacts and shield the Galaxy S3 from scratches from front to back is top-notch. It features 3 layers of protection including a silicone inner layer, a custom molded polycarbonate exterior shell and a self-adhering screen protector. It’s everything you’d expect out of an OtterBox case, plus you can take your pick of black, atomic green and a booming voilet.

galaxy-s3-aegis-caseTrident Aegis Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

Our most environment-friendly case in the entire store, the Aegis Case holds protection true to its name while managing to be manufactured entirely out of bio-degradable materials. The silicone core fits easily over the body of the Galaxy S3 while the exterior shell encompasses the device as a whole, leaving access to all the important stuff. The revelation between the skin and shell is unique in that certain areas the skin is most prominent and visa versa. The Galaxy S3 Aegis Case also comes in a variety of attractive colors to choose from!

galaxy-s3-dualpro-shineIncipio DualPro SHINE Hard Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

Where the DualPro SHINE stands out among other Galaxy S3 hybrid cases is its brushed aluminum finish exterior shell. It gives off a distinct “shine” that when caught in the perfect lighting, has a certain level of class that other cases lack. You still have an interior skin that helps absorb impacts, both in black and gray color options. Also, for utilizing dual-layers, the DualPro SHINE is rather sleek and lightweight.

galaxy-s3-faxion-caseIncipio FAXION Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

Here we have Incipio’s FAXION Case. This hybrid case is a fusion of both a skin and a hard case all in one solid piece. The intricate design of the FAXION Case presents equal amounts of impact absorption and scratch resistance. With access to the camera, speaker, ports and buttons you’ll be able to manage your Galaxy S3 without frustration. The way that the TPU core wraps around the front of the device elevates the display from all flat surfaces, allowing improved protection against scratches and smudges.

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Final Thoughts

It’s only a matter of choosing a design that fits your personality. Each of these hybrid cases are popular for their ability to shield your device from damage while sporting unique and attractive designs. Don’t forget, there’s always more Galaxy S3 cases to choose from at, so feel free to browse our entire selection!