Top 5 Skin Cases for Samsung Galaxy S3

There are a plethora of skin cases for the Galaxy S3 out there but we’ve taken the liberty of narrowing down that selection to the top 5 choices here at Dive in past the break to see which ones made an impression with customers and staff.

galaxy-s3-mummy-caseMusubo MUMMY for Samsung Galaxy S3

Wrap your Galaxy S3 up like a Mummy with this custom skin case. Made of a durable soft-touch TPU, this case presents a unique design that compliments all aspects of your Android device. Available in black, purple, red and white, the Musubo MUMMY Case will give you a shine with its glossy exterior no matter which color you choose.

iSkin Vibes Case for Samsung Galaxy S3galaxy-s3-vibes-case

iSkin’s Vibes Case is a popular skin for the Galaxy S3 due to its attractive design and use of color shades. The case itself features a glossy exterior that’s complimented with a custom pattern in the middle that gives your device an elegant look. An added feature is the built-in “MICROBAN” antimicrobial protection that prevents odors and fading of the TPU material.

galaxy-s3-artist-tpu-caseCruzerlite Artist Series TPU Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

Are you a fan of art? Then you’ll absolutely love these custom cases from Cruzerlite and Archan Nair. Each one of these TPU cases has their own unique art that you have to see in person to truly appreciate. Vibrant colors matched with incredible designs give you a Galaxy S3 skin case that stands out among any others out there.

LLOYD Flex Case for Samsung Galaxy S3galaxy-s3-lloyd-flex

Android Central fanatics unite! The LLOYD Flex Case is a fan favorite here at, and for good reason. You get the protection of a quality TPU skin case with side grips for enhanced grip support as well as a large matte print of our fellow mascot, LLOYD on the back! With these cases you get good protection against drops and help support the site with every purchase.

galaxy-s3-bugdroid-circuit-caseCruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

This Galaxy S3 skin is popular for its cool circuitry designs which are embedded into the TPU material of each case. You’ll find Andy the Android on the back surrounded by custom circuitry patterns that go from side to side and top to bottom. You can also take your pick of just about any color you can think of!

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Final Thoughts

These top 5 skin cases for the Samsung Galaxy S3 will provide you with all the protection you need to get you through a normal day. With plenty of designs, patterns and colors to choose from, picking which skin case is your favorite should be fun and simple. Happy shopping!